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Ayehopin’s Feebles #1

Strong and stable, strong and stable Rose the stench from the May Queen’s stable A horse long gone, a door just bolted The demented now monetised, the rest simply revolted Advertisements

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Satan’s Switchboard.

‘If you look round the room and you can’t see the sucker it’s you’. Last week Jaguar Land Rover pulled all of it’s UK digital advertising after an advertisement for the Jaguar F-Pace was found to be running in a … Continue reading

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The Rebound.

You know the deal. If it’s never happened to you, it will. Or else to someone you know. The English have decided to split from their long term live in partner. The Americans are getting divorced from reality. They’re sad, … Continue reading

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The Full English.

I am in the restaurant of a golf club in Sussex. It is Sunday morning. And the waiter, as it happens, is from Poznan. I tell him that the soot on the buildings there always used to remind me of … Continue reading

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Send In The Clowns.

I once had the honour of working with the British actor and satirist Peter Cook. I was an advertising copywriter in London then and I was recording a radio spot for Network SouthEast, a part of the then still publicly … Continue reading

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Fear And Loathing (Hearts And Minds #3).

An advertisement tweeted by on Sunday and then mysteriously deleted.   On Saturday evening two hundred heavily armed Russian thugs launched a planned and premeditated attack on English football supporters in Marseille. Nine people were hospitalised. One of them with … Continue reading

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The State We’re In.

On vacation in New York a couple of years ago I was asked to describe my adopted home country: “Belgium is a Catholic country with a gay Prime Minister where it is possible to buy hard liquor in the middle … Continue reading

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